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AVIS and TAP organise Road Safety Conference in Tirana

11 July 2016


Tirana, Albania. AVIS with the support of TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) AG, organised the first “Benchmarking Albania - Towards EU Road Safety” conference. The event brought together high-level stakeholders, including the Albanian Minster of Transport and Infrastructure Edmond Haxhinasto, the World Bank Country Manager for Albania Tahseen Sayed, TAP Project Director Norman Ingram, AVIS International Leasing General Director Athanasios Theodorou, OPEL Regional Manager for Southeastern Europe Dragan Nenadovic and leading Albanian and international road safety experts. 


The current road safety situation in Albania as well as the need to improve road safety in line with European Union standards were the main drivers behind the conference.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Edmond Haxhinasto, said: “Not only is TAP offering energy security but it is also promoting the highest road safety standards. The contribution of private companies and media is crucial in improving the road safety culture. The World Bank and the Albanian Government are investing about $130 million in road signage that will definitely improve the actual standards of the Albanian roads.”

TAP Project Director, Norman Ingram, stressed the importance of the TAP project for safety during transport as a fundamental part of safety. “Driving safety is an important issue to every single person but it is particularly important to a pipeline project due to huge distances involved. So far we have driven over 6.7 million kilometres and everything has gone well, but our challenge is to also mitigate the risks that come from other drivers. That is why a conference like this is so important to enable us all to start a process that helps to improve driving safety across the nation. It is TAP aspiration to drive safely on the project but also leave a legacy where we have put in place improvements to the safety qualifications for workers along with the overall safety standards in the country.”

AVIS International Leasing General Director Athanasios Theodorou underlined the need to contribute to increased road safety by knowing, becoming familiar with and enforcing European standards to make Albanian roads safe transport zones. “The contribution of all the parties is needed to improve the road safety standards. Besides road standards, that are essential, we should focus on human behaviour as well. More education and awareness are needed for drivers and not only.”

The standards implemented by European Union member states for technical road safety are considered a reference point to guide the joint efforts of the public and private sectors in Albania for safer roads.

The conference served as a meeting and discussion platform between state institutions, local and international experts, and private enterprises interested in improving the current road safety situation in Albania. Experiences and examples were presented during the conference on how to raise awareness on road safety in order to avoid undesired events.