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MENA Participants Praise the TAP Training Programme

26 January 2018

The 15 Salento restaurant owners and managers who participated in the first MENA (Master of Excellence in New Food) edition feel the training programme was very beneficial to their businesses. The TAP-promoted MENA high-level training in restaurant management, cooking techniques and the transformation of food products ran between January and April 2017. 

After the four-month programme, TAP used a 20-question questionnaire to interview participants, gather their feedback, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the training course.

Having completed the management training, all the participants upgraded their restaurants’ quality of service, added new recipes and started using the innovative cooking techniques learned for the preparation of dishes. Additionally, the top three students received individual counselling on revamping their restaurant concepts, including advice on beefing up the menu and re-training staff.


The participants expressed their full satisfaction with the subjects discussed during the training course as well as the practical lessons taught by starred chefs. MENA also comprised guided tours to well-known traditional taverns to allow participants to benchmark their restaurants' offer. Furthermore, cooking labs gave participants the opportunity to experiment new techniques of handling raw materials and preparing new dishes; for instance, marinating at low temperature and cooking under vacuum.

The second edition of MENA, including 17 local restaurant owners and managers, kicked off mid-January 2018.