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TAP Continues to Support Fishermen in San Foca

17 April 2018

TAP reiterates its support for the fishermen community in San Foca by concluding a new agreement with the cooperatives “La Folgore” and “Il Delfino” and the company Cosimo Salvatore Candeliere. The new agreement follows those signed in 2014.

Thanks to its partnership with Hydracoop – a local organisation protecting the environment – TAP has developed a study to assess and compensate for the impact on fishing during pipeline construction activities such as sea surveys. A dialogue has been established to identify and implement a multiannual investment project aimed at developing fishery activities.

TAP Italy Country Manager Michele Elia said: “TAP has carried out operations at sea that, although authorised and limited in time, have caused some interference with normal fishing activities. We are pleased to work with the fishermen to find measures to support development and growth.