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TAP launches Educational Programme on Natural Gas Technology together with TEI

26 April 2018

Kavala, Greece. In an event held on 26 April 2018, at the premises of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Technological Educational Institute (TEI), an educational Programme "Natural Gas Technology" was launched and presented to attendees and members of the press. The programme is offered free of charge to interested parties and is implemented with the support of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (ΤΑΡ) AG.


The programme aims to create a new generation of specialists, fully trained in the operation and safety of natural gas pipelines. It is a modular course, combining theoretical and laboratory training in both basic and advanced technologies. Specifically, it comprises a total of 5 modules:   

  • General Principles of Natural Gas Technologies  
  • Operation of Natural Gas Transmission Systems
  • Maintenance of Natural Gas Pipelines and Facilities
  • Inspection of Natural Gas Pipelines and Facilities
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Safety and Protection of the Environment

Every module consists of 6 sub-modules and interested parties may choose to attend from 1 module to all the above mentioned ones. The entire course covers 500 hours per year. This initiative extends over two academic years and is funded by TAP in the context of its Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme, that the project is implementing in the communities crossed by the pipeline. Management support is provided by the Bodossaki Foundation, TAP’s partner in the delivery of project investments in local communities. 

The Director of the Programme and Vice-Rector of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace TEI, Athanasios Mitropoulos, noted in his opening speech: "This initiative constitutes tangible proof of the company’s interest in the development of the energy sector in our country, and in supporting young scientists in the job market, with respect to safety and the environment."

On his part, the Deputy Head of the Region for Kavala, Theodoros Markopoulos, expressed his gratitude that this initiative, originally submitted as a proposal by the Region for the support of higher education and specialisation in the area, has been realised thanks to the collaboration between regional authorities, the Institutes’ administration and the TAP project.

TAP representative and Community Liaison Coordinator for Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Spyros Nakos, stressed the importance of the programme, that offers individuals the chance to participate in a specially designed scientific educational programme, implemented by the highly regarded academic institute of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace TEI, on the key sector of energy – that is important not just for Greece but worldwide. 

Lastly, Sotiris Laganopoulos, Secretary of the Board for the Bodossaki Foundation referred to the Foundation’s support in the implementation of the programme.