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The Second Round of TAP Internships Starts in Albania

6 July 2017

TAP has selected seven students to take part in the second round of the company’s internship programme in Albania. Between July and December 2017, the interns will have hands-on exposure to the project’s key departments and receive coaching by leading local and international experts in the energy industry. More than 200 students from over 20 Albanian universities applied for the programme.

TAP’s progress in Greece: Works Begin in Western Macedonia & Compressor Station

6 July 2017

TAP's construction in Greece continues to progress on time, on track and on budget. Thanks to the efforts of the 3,100+ people working for the project, work is now underway in all three Northern Greek Prefectures to be traversed by the pipeline: Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, Central Macedonia and –most recently– Western Macedonia, where construction commenced in Pirgoi at the Eordaia Municipality, in late June. In addition, the concrete foundation has been laid for the pipeline’s gas compressor station in Kipoi, Evros.

TAP starts the Land Exit Process in Albania

30 June 2017

TAP commenced the formal Land Exit process of the temporary leased land for the construction of the pipeline. A small ceremony was held on the 29th June with some of landowners to mark this key milestone. To date, more than 420 parcels have been returned to the landowners and Land Exit agreements have been signed.

TAP Announces New Management Team - Luca Schieppati appointed as new Managing Director & Walter Peeraer joins as President of TAP AG

27 June 2017

Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) announced today the appointment of Luca Schieppati as Managing Director and Walter Peeraer as President, both starting on 27th June 2017. Luca Schieppati will replace the current Managing Director Ian Bradshaw.

TAP invests €9 Million to Upgrade Fleet of Utility Vehicles in Northern Greece

21 June 2017

TAP will donate 92 utility vehicles to local communities in all three Northern Greek prefectures traversed by the pipeline. The initiative is designed in close collaboration with the Hellenic Government and the competent ministries. The investment amounts to €9 million, committed for the purchase of 33 ambulances, 22 garbage trucks, 17 forestry vehicles, 14 snowploughs and 6 civil protection vehicles.

TAP Completes the Shipment of Pipes to Albania

20 June 2017

On 16 June, the last shipment of steel line pipes for building the Albanian onshore section of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline was offloaded in the port of Durrës. Approximately 13,000 pipes, bends, and various equipment and machinery weighing more than 200,000 tonnes have been delivered to Durrës since April 2016. The last pipe shipment to Albania marks another important milestone towards the completion of the pipeline project.

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Time-lapse Pipeline Construction

Time-lapse Pipeline Construction

Taking care of Olive Trees: Building the Canopy

Taking care of Olive Trees: Building the Canopy

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TAP Trains & Hires Pipeline Welding Inspectors in Albania

12 July 2017

Made available for the 1st time in Albania, the 4-day course trained 12 people. All participants are now certified as pipeline welding inspectors & will start working for the project.

US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt Visits TAP Site in Kilkis

30 June 2017

"It was extremely impressive to see the technology involved, the audacity of the project, the value of the equipment that’s involved, the sophistication of the work that’s being don...

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