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TAP Celebrates 1st year of Construction

16 May 2017

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary since construction started on TAP, one of Europe’s largest and most strategic natural gas infrastructure projects. Activity in each of the three host countries is on time, on track and on budget. TAP’s contractors cleared approx. 49% of the project route in Greece and Albania (371km out of 765km). Also, 22.6% of welded steel pipes are already in the ground.

TAP Presents its Progress to 50+ Embassies in Greece

4 May 2017

On 4 May 2017, TAP co-hosted a breakfast meeting with H.E. the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Greece and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Athens, Rahman Mustafayev, so as to inform the Embassies located in Greece about the progress of the TAP project. The event was attended by representatives of more than 50 Embassies, as well as delegates from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

TAP’s Progress in Greece: First Hydrotest Completed

3 May 2017

TAP successfully completed its first hydrotest, a method for verifying a pipeline’s safety. The hydrotest was applied to the pipeline’s first 1.4 km of the Greek section. Commenting on the first hydrostatic testing of the pipeline, TAP’s Country Manager for Greece, Rikard Scoufias hailed it as a big step that marks yet another important milestone in the construction process, as the project advances according to schedule.

TAP’s Progress in Greece is in Line with Project’s Schedule

11 April 2017

Ten months after the Inauguration Ceremony held in May 2016, construction has significantly progressed in two of the three Northern Greek Prefectures to be traversed by the pipeline: Eastern Macedonia-Thrace and Central Macedonia. As of end-March 2017, out of the ca. 550 km of pipeline in total to be built on Greek soil, TAP’s contractors have already: cleared and graded 260 km of the project’s route (RoW); strung 217 km of pipeline; and welded 184 km of the mainline.

TAP Italy Q&A re: Olive Tree Removal

27 March 2017

To avoid any impact on the San Foca beach, TAP is building a 1.5km micro-tunnel. This state-of-the-art engineering minimises environmental impact and renders the pipeline invisible. To start building the micro-tunnel – at a site approximately 800m inland from the beach – TAP, as a first step, needs to move and store 231 olive trees, which will later be replanted at the same location.

Several Ambassadors Visit Albania TAP Site

7 March 2017

Five months after marking the start of construction of TAP in Albania, on 7 March, eleven Ambassadors and diplomatic representatives resident in Albania visited the TAP project works currently underway in Ura Vajgurore, in the Berat region. TAP representatives provided a progress overview as well as an outline of some of the activities TAP will be carrying out throughout 2017.

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TAP's Progress in 2016 - 2017

TAP's Progress in 2016 - 2017

Interview with TAP Greece Country Manager at Delphi Economic Forum II

Interview with TAP Greece Country Manager at Delphi Economic Forum II

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Latest TAP stories

TAP Uncovers Ancient Settlement near Korçë

10 May 2017

According to preliminary assessments, this is an open-air settlement spanning from the early Iron Age (10th – 9th centuries BC) to the late Roman period (4th – 6th centuries AD).

Fier Mayor and TAP Take Stock of Albanian School Rehabilitation

9 May 2017

Once completed in September 2017, more than 210 students of the Thanas Ikonomi school in Grecalli, Fier, will have better studying conditions.

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