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TAP Provides Furniture for the Berati City Library

29 March 2018

On 29 March 2018, representatives of TAP and the Municipality of Berati visited the Berati City Library, which TAP furnished and equipped with a modern fire protection system. The investment, amounting to approx. €121,000, will benefit over 100,000 people. In the framework of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme, the three reading rooms and the archive of the “Vexhi Buharaha” Library now have completely new furniture. TAP also donated 400 books.

5,000 Years of History Brought to Light in Excavations in Thrace

23 March 2018

Thrace, Greece. Archaeological remnants of human activity in Thrace from the Neolithic (4th millennium BC) to the post-Byzantine period have been brought to light from archaeological excavations, carried out in the context of construction works for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG. This is supported by the findings of archaeologists who are employed in the area by the project and monitored by the local Ephorates of Antiquities (of Evros, Rhodope and Xanthi), as well as the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

TAP Donates 1,000 Cypress Tress to Plant in Tirana

19 March 2018

On 7 March 2018, TAP donated 1,000 cypress trees to the Municipality of Tirana to be planted in the capital’s Artificial Lake Park. The initiative aims to increase urban green space as well as enhance the quality of life of people living in the capital. This is the largest number of cypress trees that a company has ever donated to the Tirana city.

TAP Supports a Hospitality Management Master in London

21 February 2018

TAP launches HO.MA., a free master course in International Hospitality Management, organised in partnership with the European Association for Services and Training (SESEF). The initiative is part of TAP’s social and environmental investment (SEI) programme in Italy and amounts to approximately €365,000. In total, TAP offers 35 scholarships, which entirely cover fees, accommodation, food as well as relocation costs.

TAP Invites Students to Apply for its Third Round of Internships in Albania

19 February 2018

TAP launched its third round of internships, opened to all students who are interested in gaining working experience in one of the most important and dynamic energy projects in Europe. The internship programme aims to support students’ career goals and help them succeed beyond the uni-versity auditoriums. More than 70% of the students who took part in TAP’s internships programme are currently employed.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline is 2/3 Completed

15 February 2018

Baar, Switzerland. TAP is now two thirds completed. This includes all engineering, procurement and construction scope, announced TAP Managing Director Luca Schieppati at the 4th Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) Advisory Council in Baku, Azerbaijan. TAP’s President Walter Peeraer said: “In parallel with construction activities, we are also focusing on commercial and operational readiness, ensuring that TAP will provide the best services and flexibility to its customers.”

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Mobile info-point: engaging with the local communities in Italy

Mobile info-point: engaging with the local communities in Italy

The olive trees are healthy - Q&A with TAP Environmental Expert

The olive trees are healthy - Q&A with TAP Environmental Expert

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47 Utility Vehicles Already Delivered to Local Communities

19 April 2018

The most recent deliveries include 10 ambulances & 15 snowploughs, thus bringing the number of vehicles to 47; and the programme implementation to 50%+.

TAP Continues to Support Fishermen in San Foca

17 April 2018

TAP reiterates its support for the fishermen community in San Foca by concluding a new agreement with the cooperatives “La Folgore” and “Il Delfino” and Cosimo Salvatore Candeliere. ...

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