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Code of Conduct - Living our Values

A project of such magnitude as TAP is challenging and complex. It is surrounded by a multitude of risks, which can be minimised through professional project management and responsible behaviour. In order for TAP to achieve its goals, it is vital that the Project maintain an undisputed reputation and be considered a professional and reliable partner by its customers and other business partners.

"How we achieve our results is just as important as the results themselves"

People – Be respectful and open minded
Excellence – Working together to be the best
Responsibility – Act safely and care for the future
Integrity – Do what you say and say what you do

TAP has a comprehensive Code of Conduct and a current ethics and compliance programme in place. This means that TAP ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements while upholding good market practices at all times.

TAP's Code of Conduct is an important document designed to preserve and foster the integrity and reputation of TAP and to help its employees and others who work for TAP to engage in proper business conduct.

TAP commits to following the Code of Conduct not only up to the “letter of the law”, but also considering the broader meaning of the document and importance of complying with the “spirit of the law”. It is our responsibility to exercise good judgement and remain accountable for our actions.

TAP commits to acting in an ethical and socially responsible manner and within the laws, customs and traditions of the countries in which TAP operates.

It is TAP's ambition to avoid negative environmental impacts, enhance positive effects, and contribute to sustainable development.