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Who is affected by TAP’s land easement and acquisition process?

Land register (cadastre) update determines which landowners and land users are affected by TAP.

TAP needs access to the pipeline corridor which is approximately 52 metres wide in Greece and Albania, and between approximately 22 and 26 metres wide in Italy.

If a land plot lies within this corridor or on the territory identified for TAP’s permanent and temporary above-the-ground facilities (compressor stations, block valve stations, worker camps, etc.), it will most likely be affected by TAP.

As one of the first steps in the LEA process, TAP’s contractors update existing information on the ownership and use of all land parcels affected by the project. Registers of land ownership and use are known as ‘cadastres’. This process aims to establish a detailed and comprehensive ‘cadastral map’, based on surveys and the examination of existing land registers.

During these steps TAP needs to answer the following questions:

  • Which land parcels are affected by TAP? 
  • Where are they located? 
  • Who owns and uses this land?

The cadastral update is currently underway in Greece and Albania and is planned to start soon in Italy.

To find out more about the cadastre work in each country, please read one of the country sub-pages.


Who will be affected by TAP’s land easement and acquisition process in Greece?

The land register (cadastre) update in Greece aims to answer these questions:

  • Which land parcels are affected by TAP?​
  • Where are they located? 
  • Who owns and uses this land?

The updating of data related to all land parcels that will be affected by TAP’s route through Greece is being undertaken by JV TOPMAPS, a joint venture consisting of the Greek consulting companies MAKEDONIKI ETM EE, GAIA S.A. and GEOMATICS SA, working in close collaboration with the relevant public agencies. 

Land owners and users along the pipeline route in Greece are invited to visit one of the Cadastral Survey Offices to find out if their property is affected by the pipeline and to check whether TAP has the latest information about land ownership and use.

Since November 2013, a total of 22 Cadastral Survey Offices and 100 Information Spots in 27 municipalities have been established along the TAP corridor in Greece as well as in the cities of Thessaloniki and Athens.

If your land is affected by TAP, or you want to find out if it will be, please visit your local Cadastral Survey Office (use this link to find out about exact locations).

In Greece, those with a land parcel within the 52-metre pipeline corridor are considered to be affected by TAP.

If you do not have sufficient information about your property, you can talk to one of our office surveyors.

They will try to find data related to your plot of land by using other available information, such as a brief description of its location or the identification of neighbouring plots that have already been registered.

The surveyor will then let you know if your land is located within the designated zone.

Should you qualify as an affected owner or user, you will be advised by a Cadastral Survey Office lawyer to check if you have all the legal documents necessary to accompany your Property Declaration Form.

Once all cadastral information has been collected, a Census and Asset Inventory (CAI) is conducted to be used as the basis for calculating compensation.