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TAP’s Progress Presented in the 21st Economist Roundtable

05 July 2017

Athens, Greece. Rikard Scoufias, Greece Country Manager, represented the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG at the 21st Roundtable with the Government of Greece, titled "Europe Unravelling, Greece Untangling. Brainstorming with world leaders". The event is organised annually in Athens by The Economist.

TAP’s Country Manager for Greece addressed the conference on the 2nd day of proceedings in the context of the energy-related session "Energy Projects in the Pipeline," and following the remarks of the Minister of Environment and Energy George Stathakis, who described TAP as one of most significant projects implemented in the country, and as an example of the level of international investments that Greece attracts. 

Scoufias stressed the timely and effective progress of the construction works in Greece, TAP’s greatest geography, with 550km out of the pipeline’s total 878 km. He also noted that 324km of the Greek route have already been cleared and graded, while more than 3,100 people are currently working for the project in the country; i.e. realising the vision that started in June 2013, when TAP was selected by the Shah Deniz Consortium as the optimal European leg of the Southern Gas Corridor. 

Collaboration, safety and maximising opportunity were identified by Scoufias as the key factors of this successful development. Collaboration with local, regional and national authorities based on mutual trust, respect and communication; safety, which remains TAP’s No 1 priority and reflects in the project’s safety record to date; and maximising the opportunity to further the key European strategic objectives of energy diversity and energy security that TAP meets.   

Scoufias concluded his address by referring to the extensive €32 million socio-environmental investment programme that TAP will implement voluntarily across the communities traversed by the pipeline in Northern Greece. Part of that is the recently announced €9 million investment for the upgrade of the fleet of utility vehicles in the area.