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Potential Local Subcontractors Gather at Networking Event in Italy

09 July 2015


On 7 July 2015, approximately 150 companies from the Puglia region attended a business networking event aimed at boosting business partnerships around the Trans Adriatic Pipeline’s Italian section and pipeline receiving terminal (PRT). Organised by TAP in collaboration with Confindustria Puglia and ANCE Puglia, the event generated considerable interest and gave potential subcontractors the chance to network with future contractors tendering to work on one of Europe’s most strategic infrastructure projects. 


Enzo Cesareo, vice-president of Confindustria Puglia, commented: “For Puglia, TAP’s investment could not be more important. It is vital that this region attracts foreign investors to showcase its true capabilities”.

Nicola Delle Donne, president of ANCE Puglia, added: “We are pleased to see the commitment made by TAP to involve local parties, which is something that ANCE has long supported.”

In June 2015, TAP invited companies to tender for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts of TAP’s PRT and EPC of the approximately 8-kilometre long onshore pipeline section in Italy. These companies will be hiring a range of specialists for support services, such as materials supply, logistics, facility management, etc.

Independent experts expect TAP to stimulate the creation of new jobs, both directly through TAP’s contractors and indirectly through the so-called economic ‘spillover’ effect during the lifetime of the pipeline, boosting existing businesses and stimulating the creation of new enterprises.

Cecilia Wagner, TAP Local Content Manager, commented on the high quality of the participants: “This will further ensure that the construction of the Italian section of TAP will be performed in compliance with Italian regulations and according to the highest quality standards, especially concerning safety and environmental management,” she said.

Participation in the various TAP networking events does not guarantee a contract with TAP or with any of the tenderers and would not have any influence on TAP’s procurement process.

For additional information regarding TAP’s procurement process, you may visit: