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TAP’s site clean-up around refurbished bridges in Albania

27 November 2015


TAP’s commitment to the local environment and health and safety is at the very heart of our project. Prior to the bridge refurbishment in the Fieri area of Albania, TAP initiated a local clean-up operation, which began in September 2015.


Fieri is the area which has the largest number of bridges to be refurbished in Albania and has been a focus for the TAP project this year.

As seen in the accompanying slides the area around the bridges was littered with rubbish that had been dumped or disposed of and allowed to accumulate over time. It made our refurbishment of the bridges both potentially hazardous and difficult. Particular effort was made to improve these sites by removing the debris and thus improve the local stream and aquatic environment and reduce the health and safety risk to our workers and the community.

The clean-up has included waste removal from both sides of the bridges including:

  • Urban waste
  • Solid waste
  • Plastic waste
  • Seasonal leaf and dry vegetation removal
  • Landscaping of the areas

We will be leaving these sites in much better condition than we found them. The clean-up operation was carried out by TAP’s contractor Gener2 - Sicilsaldo JV and has been appreciated by the local communities. Similar initiatives have been undertaken in the regions of Korçë, Çorovodë where bridge refurbishment is also taking place. 

Their feedback has been very positive and will hopefully lead to influencing their attitude in trying to protect their environment from further waste disposal into these sensitive environments.