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TAP Supports Tourism and Agriculture Development in Skrapar

17 May 2018

Skrapar, Albania. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) supported the launch of the tourism season and took part in the organic produce fair organised on 9 May in Skrapari, one of the Albanian regions crossed by the pipeline.  


The organic produce fair was organised by the Municipality of Skrapar with the support of TAP, and participants included the President of the Republic Ilir Meta, the ambassadors of China, Slovakia, Kuwait, Serbia and Poland, the Mayor of Skrapar Nesim Spahiu and Members of Parliament from this area. The event brought together local tourism operators and farmers to showcase Skrapar’s offer to visitors in 2018.

The President of the Republic, Mr. Ilir Meta, said: “The future of Skrapar is based on tourism. There is a need to promote tourism and resources in this area, starting with organic cuisine and the remarkable Osumi Canyons, as national treasures with incredible value. TAP is also helping very much with improving the road infrastructure in the area and other social and environmental investments.”

The Mayor of Skrapar, Nesim Spahiu, stressed that Skrapar has a lot to offer to visitors and tourists: “This year, the road infrastructure in Skrapar has improved considerably. This is also thanks to the investments of TAP in some main roads segments. Now tourists will have the opportunity to visit even the most remote villages of Skrapar. On the other hand, the residents of these villages will have to possibility to bring their products to larger markets”

TAP Community Liaison Coordinator for Skrapar, Endri Dyrmishi, noted the effective cooperation between TAP and the Municipality of Skrapar: “We care about stimulating tourism and improving the livelihood of residents in this community. For this reason, our investments have been numerous, especially in improving road infrastructure, which is necessary for the development of tourism and the transport of Skrapar products to larger markets. I am confident that with the support of the Municipality of Skrapar, TAP’s social and environmental investments, and the tireless work of the residents of Skrapar, the number of tourists will grow and that local products will become much more sought after.”

Locals and tourists gathered in the main Çorovoda square to taste the food and traditional Skrapari products and to learn more about the tourism offers in the area. Skrapari is strategically situated for agriculture and livestock development, while also providing many opportunities for tourism.

TAP investments in this area have been mainly focused on improving road and tourism infrastructure and on rehabilitating a series of school facilities. These include: the Çorovoda – Potom road, the Çorovoda town bypass, the reconstruction and widening of the town bridge with an additional lane, the Therepela road, the construction of two panoramic structures over the Osum River Canyon, the instalment of air conditioning units in the 9K school, etc. These investments have started to leverage economic growth in the area, improving the livelihood of the residents.