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View from the Outside: We Can Dream Bigger

31 July 2019

As part of its Social and Environmental Investement (SEI) programme, TAP co-funded the construction of two panoramic viewing platforms located near the Osumi canyon; thus supporting local tourism and stimulating local economic activity.

Çorovoda resident Arben Nako saw a business opportunity. He set up a restaurant catering to the growing number of tourists who visit the Osumi canyon every year. Mr. Nako now has plans to further expand his business offering.

This is just one example of how TAP is improving the livelihoods and quality of life of communities living near the pipeline route.


How did you come across TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme? 

The very first contact with TAP in the Skrapar area was when the project began to upgrade some road segments. Many TAP employees started to visit my modest bar-restaurant, since it is located near a beautiful viewpoint on the Osumi canyon.

They always told me that the viewing spot should be fenced because it could be dangerous for tourists. I couldn’t imagine than in less than two years TAP was going to build a panoramic platform which offers a fantastic view and is safe for visitors.

In your opinion, what were the biggest challenges in completing such a project?

At the beginning I was very concerned about the environment. Installing a metallic structure in a natural rock does not always come without damages to the natural surroundings. Now, I can confirm that they’ve done a perfect job.

During the construction, the employees were very careful, avoiding disturbances on the environment and tourists. Today we have not only one but two panoramic platforms. They both offer amazing views over the canyon, safe conditions and are in harmony with the environment.


What changes did you notice once this project has been implemented?

The panoramic platforms have attracted more tourists. For me, for my business and for the locals here in Çorovoda this means more income and a possibility to dream bigger for our future. 


Which other projects are you striving to implement following this one?

My bar-restaurant is near one of the panoramic platforms. Now that more and more visitors are coming, I am thinking of expanding my business to offer accommodation as well. Together with my partner, we will invest in a camping area and improve the facilities of the bar and the restaurant.


Why do you think TAP’s SEI programme is key for the community?

I believe that in order to keep the fire of hope awake in the local communities, distant from big urban centres, it is important to show to these people that they are not alone or forgotten.

Not only has TAP improved the road infrastructure, the project created hope for a prosperous future here, in Çorovoda (Skrapar).