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TAP Modernises Neonatology Unit of Fier Hospital in Albania

20 September 2019

Fier, Albania. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is delighted to have provided the funds to upgrade the Intensive Care Neonatology Unit at the Fier Regional Hospital, as well as donate medical equipment. Approximately 1,700 babies born every year at the hospital will benefit from this project, which is part of the TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme.


TAP’s investment amounts to € 31,000 and is critical to supporting new-born babies during their first days.

TAP’s donation to the Intensive Care Neonatology Unit includes medical equipment, such as an ultrasound device for neonatal screening, an X-Ray machine, oxygen cups and flowmeters. Furthermore, TAP covered the costs of renovation of the Intensive Care Neonatology Unit. This included interior plastering, painting, tiling, new thermal windows, doors, new air conditioners, fire safety equipment, etc.

Nevila Shuke, the Director of the Regional Hospital in Fier, thanked TAP for its contribution: “As the head of this institution, and on behalf of the staff of the Neonatology Unit, I would like to express our gratitude to TAP for their readiness to support us. Due to TAP’s investment, we can now offer more services and better conditions for new-borns and their mothers.”

The Intensive Care Neonatology Unit now provides much-needed examinations and special treatment to babies born at the Regional Hospital of Fier.