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Our commitment to the future

TAP’s commitment to the future ranges from its role in opening the Southern Gas Corridor into Europe to its contributions to the development of the host countries and communities along the pipeline's route.

Energy future

As domestic gas production declines in Europe, the pipeline will help secure the continent’s energy future by enabling the transportation into Europe of natural gas from a new source.

Environmental future

Improving the flow of gas into the EU, TAP will also contribute to Europe’s environmental future. The cleanest fossil fuel, gas will play an increasingly important role in achieving the EU’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and achieving its environmental targets.

Economic future

TAP’s transit countries will receive a boost to their economic future. The project will attract direct foreign investment, while economic development will be stimulated by the introduction of new energy supplies and more competitive energy markets.

Employment future

According to independent experts, jobs will be created by TAP, directly by its contractors and indirectly through various ‘spill-over’ effects, in manufacturing, utilities, transport, communications, financial and business services. While most of the immediate employment gains will be during the pipeline’s construction, TAP will also have a lasting economic legacy. 

Community future

A cornerstone of TAP’s commitment to the future of the communities along its route will be the financing of social and environmental investment (SEI) projects. In total, TAP will invest over €55 million in the communities along its route. SEI programmes are developed in consultation and cooperation with communities along the pipeline route.

Regional future

TAP will help support the EU objective of supplying gas to South East Europe, contributing to the region’s future economic and social development. 

Greece, Albania and Italy will also benefit from the presence of TAP in their countries, enhancing their status on the European energy map.