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Our commitment to local communities

TAP is committed to engaging openly, proactively and respectfully with all the communities along its route.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The project’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy includes commitments to transparency, accountability, dialogue with stakeholders and the integration of their views into the project development

These CSR principles are embedded deeply into TAP’s activities and those of its contractors and suppliers, who will be monitored closely to ensure compliance.

The project has also established a grievance procedure that allows local people to express any concerns or objections to the pipeline for TAP to review and resolve.

TAP’s Land Easement and Acquisition (LEA) process ensures that all affected people are compensated fairly and transparently during the acquisition of access rights to land along the pipeline’s route.

Human rights

In addition to adhering to the benchmark European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) standards, TAP is also one of the first pipeline projects to commit to the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.

Reflecting this commitment, the extensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) conducted in its three host countries – Greece, Albania and Italy – included human rights based issues.

TAP has identified the main human rights risks and will ensure that they are comprehensively addressed during the project’s implementation.

TAP adheres to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR), a set of principles designed to guide companies in maintaining the safety and security of their operations within an operating framework that encourages respect for human rights. TAP collaborates with International Alert for the VPSHR implementation. Read more about TAP’s commitment to VPSHR.


Engaging with stakeholders entails a continuous dialogue with all people who are or might be affected by TAP.

Inclusive and culturally appropriate consultations are conducted in Greece, Albania and Italy to provide stakeholders with opportunities to express their views. These have been taken into consideration in the decision making process from the very earliest phases of the project.

Prior disclosure by TAP of relevant and adequate information enables stakeholders to understand the risks, impacts and opportunities of the project.

TAP is also committed to financing environmental and social investment projects throughout the construction and operating period. Dialogue with local communities will ensure that these projects address their development priorities in ways that are sustainable and support business objectives.