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Overview of opportunities

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) gives companies and individuals opportunities to be involved in the implementation of one of the most important energy infrastructure projects in Europe.

Opportunities for skilled professionals

Building a pipeline of TAP’s size across three different countries is a challenging and complex mission. Today, at our headquarters in Switzerland and in our branch offices in Greece, Albania and Italy, we already employ about 200 specialists from many countries and hundreds of contracted service company experts.

The TAP project team comprises more skilled professionals at our headquarters, while our contractors and subcontractors are hiring workers with a variety of essential skills as the project construction progresses.

Read more in the section Opportunities for Individuals to find out about current vacancies at TAP and how to apply.

Independent experts expect TAP to stimulate the creation of new jobs, both directly through TAP’s contractors and indirectly through economic ‘spillover’ effects during the lifetime of the pipeline.

Indeed, most of the direct and indirect employment opportunities in Greece, Albania and Italy will be created by TAP’s contractors and sub-contractors. These companies will be hiring a range of specialists to provide their services to TAP. We recommend that interested individuals and companies closely observe the local job market for TAP-related opportunities in their countries.

Opportunities for companies

As one of Europe’s important energy infrastructure developments, TAP provides a range of opportunities for international as well as national and local companies seeking to work as suppliers and service providers.

This contributes to one of the project’s objectives of establishing a lasting legacy in the countries through which the pipeline passes.

Read more about our procurement process and how we selected relevant companies to work for TAP.

Human rights and equality

At TAP, we believe in the principles of fairness, transparency and equality. This applies to the way we treat every individual and entity, from our employees, contractors and subcontractors to the communities in which we work.

TAP was one of the first pipeline projects to commit to the voluntary UN Business Principles on Human Rights (UNBPHR), a further demonstration of our dedication to equality.

As part of this commitment, TAP ensures that human rights issues are thoroughly considered during all project implementation stages.

We are committed to providing all employees with a non-discriminatory workplace environment and to comply with best practice on human resource management and occupational health and safety.

Similarly, we expect all contractors involved in the construction and operation of TAP to commit to the same principles and endeavour to meet the same standards.

We also assure full compliance throughout our supply chain with the core labour standards as defined by the International Labour Organisation.