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Road Safety Seminars in Schools

Between May 2016 and March 2017, TAP sponsored a Road Safety Seminars programme attended by more than 25,000 elementary and high-school students from all three Northern Greek Prefectures traversed by the pipeline: Western Macedonia, Central Macedonia and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace. Safety is TAP’s No1 priority and by supporting this project, TAP promotes the vital practice of road safety from an early age.


The Road Safety Seminars programme was organised and implemented by the Hellenic Institute of Transport (ΙΜΕΤ/EKETA), with the participation of students and teachers from more than 142 elementary schools and 60 high-schools. The two-hour seminars were delivered by 36 instructors –transportation engineers and expert educators– using tailored educational material for every age group.

The younger children learned about core safety rules, like using the road network as pedestrians, cyclists or passengers, while the teenagers familiarised themselves with rules and regulations that they should be aware of as future drivers of motor vehicles.

€160,000 investment

TAP supported the project in the context of its commitment to complying with internationally recognised health and safety standards and best practices.  

The merits of the programme for the students attending the seminars and the society at large were highlighted by the ΙΜΕΤ/EKETA Research Director, Dr. Georgia Ayfantopoulou, who thanked TAP for its collaboration and support. ​

In the same context, local stakeholders acknowledged TAP’s effort to engage and cooperate with project-affected communities; and to raise awareness among school children on optimal and safe day-to-day commuting.