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Thriving Land

The agricultural initiative "Thriving Land | Supporting Agri-food Education" focuses on all three Northern Greek Prefectures traversed by TAP. The investment amounts to approximately €1 million for educational and biotechnological activities, aiming to support the cultivation, marketing, and sale of locally produced distinct agri-food products. 


These include honey and bee products, olives and olive oil, medicinal and aromatic plants, beans, fruit, petimezi (sugar cane molasses), peppers, animal products (from goats, sheep and cattle). These products were selected due to their origin in areas traversed by TAP, their distinct and competitive characteristics, and their potential growth and marketability.

While “Thriving Land” will benefit ca. 300 individual producers and 70 production units, it is also expected to create multiple benefits for agricultural communities in Northern Greece, as it:

  • fosters cooperation between producers and scientists
  • promotes local products
  • identifies their unique characteristics, creates their genetic “identity” and thus allows for their authentication, certification and traceability
  • makes available all pertinent scientific data to any interested party.   

ca. €1 million investment

The project will be monitored by the Bodossaki Foundation, and implemented by the American Farm School of Thessaloniki (AFS) and the Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH).

AFS will offer educational seminars to beneficiaries, as well as personalised consultation regarding optimal cultivation methods, fertilisation, machinery, etc. INAB will collect samples of the products, in order to identify their particular characteristics and qualities and subsequently record products’ "genetic identity", to promote their added value both in Greece and abroad.