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TAP Start: Grants for Local Organisations

TAPStart supports the ideas of local communities in the Lecce province. The programme run by TAP, offers several small grants to non-profit organisations implementing projects in the areas of sports, culture, environment and social issues. TAP has invested a total of €200,000 in 2016 for seven local projects, which are now all under implementation and carried out by Melendugno local associations. €400,000 has been made available in 2017 for the TAPStart second edition, enlarging the geographical base for applications to the whole Lecce province.  

The call for submitting projects for the second TAPStart edition was open between 1 June and 31 August 2017. Following the submission stage, TAP and a panel of independent experts in the different sectors of the programme evaluated and shortlisted the winning projects.

The panel selected nine projects among more than 30 submissions. Three projects relate to tourism, four to social issues, one to environment and another one to sport. Associations in Melendugno also put forward three projects.

All relevant information and submission documentation is available at: 


2017: €400k 2016: €200k

Stracultour, one of the projects financed under the 2016 investment programme, ran three educational tours for two schools in Lecce in March 2017. The association introduced nearly 250 students and teachers to local landmarks, including the Acaya village, with its fortified walls and castle; the archaeological area of ‘Roca vecchia (cfr. Old Roca); and the Poesia cave (a marine cave representing a worship place to the Messapians, an ancient local tribe). TAP endorsed the project as it raised awareness around cultural itineraries not known to local people. Additionally, the initiative enhanced the skills and knowledge of the local community, especially those of the younger generations. 

As part of another project, a three-day workshop with international tour operators was organised in Melendugno. The event aimed to boost the number of tourists coming to the region and attract foreign visitors.

With this call, TAP supports the best ideas coming from organisations which are rooted in the local community. Using a bottom-up approach, TAP aims to contribute in a tangible way to the social and economic growth of the area.