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Quick facts about natural gas

Carbon dioxide emissions from natural gas combustion are approximately 30 percent less than oil and 45 percent less than coal.

Compared to average emissions from coal-fired power plants, natural gas produced less than a third as much nitrogen oxides and 1 percent as much sulfur oxide.

The share of natural gas in the global energy mix will continue to increase, with a growth of 2.4 percent a year until 2018.

Various prominent environmental NGOs recognise conventional natural gas as an effective fuel to transition to a renewable-based economy.

Compared to LNG, natural gas pipelines require less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions for distances up to 7,500 km.

Diversification of routes and gas sources to Europe might bring about more competitive prices.Compared to its leading trading partners, Europe is paying significantly more for gas. In 2012, the average EU gas retail price was four times higher than in the US and Russia, and 12 percent higher than in China.