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TAP Starts Upgrading 8.5 km Road in Fier, Albania

10 April 2018

Fier, Albania. Early April 2018, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) started upgrading an 8.5km road segment in the Municipality of Fier, which is used by more than 14 villages. In addition to benefiting the residents of the area, this road will enable safer transport for tourists travelling to the Apollonia Archeology Park and the Seman and Darzeza beaches. 


As previously announced, immediately upon concluding the haulage of the bulk stone material and heavy machinery transported to the Compressor Station in Fier, TAP has started works to rehabilitate this road segment. Now that the weather has improved, the asphalt paving can commence and will be completed before the summer season and the heavier tourist traffic. The assessment of the road condition was undertaken in cooperation with the local authorities, and the rehabilitation costs are covered jointly by TAP and its contractor, Renco-Terna.

The Dermenas road is not the only TAP investment improving road infrastructure in the Municipality of Fier. Since 2015, TAP built approximately 8 km of new road and rehabilitated approximately 33 km of existing road in this region. A series of inner roads in several villages have also been improved. Additionally, TAP continues to implement several social and environmental investment projects in the Fier region.

During the first phase of access roads and bridges rehabilitation in Albania, TAP improved approximately 58 km of road, built 2 new bridges, and upgraded 40 existing bridges. As part of the second phase, TAP is upgrading another 120 km of road and 87% of works have already been completed.