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TAP Introduces First Natural Gas into the Greek Section of the Pipeline as part of its Testing Phase

26 November 2019

On 25 November, TAP started to introduce the first natural gas into a 2km section of the pipeline in Greece between the Evros river and the Kipoi compressor station. This is the initial stage of the pipeline commissioning process, which aims to ensure that the infrastructure is entirely safe and ready for operations after the completion of the process, in line with national and international safety and operational standards.

TAP Concludes Delivery of 83 Utility Vehicles

19 November 2019

TAP concluded the 4th phase of the programme DESTINATION SAFETY | Donation of Utility Vehicles, implemented for the benefit of local communities in Northern Greece, with the delivery of the final 10 civil protection vehicles to the Decentralised Administration of Macedonia and Thrace; a TAP investment exceeding 10 million euro.

TAP Builds the Third Kindergarten in Albania

28 October 2019

TAP and Skrapar Municipality inaugurated a newly built kindergarten in Çorovoda to the benefit of approximately 60 children. The investment of EUR 498,000 is part of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment programme.

TAP Inaugurates the 9th School in Albania

16 September 2019

On 16 September 2019, on the first day of school, TAP and the Municipality of Berat inaugurated a brand-new school in Uznova. The €540,000 investment, part of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment programme in Albania, benefits more than 330 pupils attending the school.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline Launches Market Test

1 July 2019

TAP launched a market test to allow natural gas shippers to express interest, and in a later phase, secure access to new, long-term capacity in TAP, thereby enabling the future expansion of the pipeline capacity. The market test will be conducted in two main phases: a non-binding phase, starting on 1 July 2019, followed by a binding phase, expected to start earliest in the second quarter of 2020.

Over 87% of Trans Adriatic Pipeline Complete Three Years after Construction Start

16 May 2019

Today marks the three year anniversary since the start of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline construction. To date, 98% of pipes are laid in the ground across Greece, Albania and Italy. Additionally, over 93% of the land along TAP’s route in Greece, Albania and Italy has been reinstated.

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Building the Fier compressor station in Albania - timelapse

Building the Fier compressor station in Albania - timelapse

TAP - The career opportunity of a lifetime

TAP - The career opportunity of a lifetime

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A View from the Outside: Our Brand-New School Could Bring Better Results

30 September 2019

We sat down with Lindita Penxho, the principal of the “Xhemal Çekini” school, to understand the impact of this investment on students, teachers and the local community.

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