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TAP Provides €600,000 to Renovate School in Bilisht

21 May 2018

TAP provided €600,000 to completely renovate the “Fuad Babani” High School in Bilisht, Albania. The initiative is part of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme, improving the studying conditions for approximately 800 students. Committed to the highest safety standards, TAP also equipped the Bilisht High School with a fire alarm system and emergency exit stairs.

TAP Invites Companies to Pre-Qualify for Telecommunications and Security Systems

2 May 2018

TAP has launched its pre-qualification process for the engineering, procurement, installation and management (EPIM) of telecommunications and security systems. These elements will create a global network connecting the different pipeline technologies in TAP’s host countries, including the fibre optic network, the data centres in Italy and Switzerland, the compressor stations in Greece and Albania, etc.

TAP Received ISO 14001 Certification

27 April 2018

In April 2018, TAP's environmental management system, that covers all pipeline construction activities in Italy, Albania and Greece as well as TAP corporate activities, has been certified according to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 14001:2015 standard. Obtaining this certification is an assurance that TAP has in place industry best practice environmental processes and documentation.

TAP Rehabilitates the Water Supply System in Mbrostar, Albania

26 April 2018

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline completed the reconstruction of the Mbrostar water supply system in the Municipality of Fier. The new water supply system – an investment amounting to approximately €556,500 – now serves more than 10,000 residents in six villages in this region.

TAP Provides Furniture for the Berati City Library

29 March 2018

On 29 March 2018, representatives of TAP and the Municipality of Berati visited the Berati City Library, which TAP furnished and equipped with a modern fire protection system. The investment, amounting to approx. €121,000, will benefit over 100,000 people. In the framework of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme, the three reading rooms and the archive of the “Vexhi Buharaha” Library now have completely new furniture. TAP also donated 400 books.

5,000 Years of History Brought to Light in Excavations in Thrace

23 March 2018

Thrace, Greece. Archaeological remnants of human activity in Thrace from the Neolithic (4th millennium BC) to the post-Byzantine period have been brought to light from archaeological excavations, carried out in the context of construction works for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG. This is supported by the findings of archaeologists who are employed in the area by the project and monitored by the local Ephorates of Antiquities (of Evros, Rhodope and Xanthi), as well as the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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Axios River Crossing, Greece (Horizontal Directional Drilling)

Axios River Crossing, Greece (Horizontal Directional Drilling)

Mobile info-point: engaging with the local communities in Italy

Mobile info-point: engaging with the local communities in Italy

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TAP Supports Tourism and Agriculture Development in Skrapar

17 May 2018

TAP supported the launch of the tourism season and took part in the organic produce fair organised on 9 May in Skrapari, one of the Albanian regions crossed by the pipeline.

Master in International Hospitality Management: discovering London with TAP

9 May 2018

The students of HO.MA. recently visited the Ritz Hotel in London to discover the secrets of the art of hospitality. 35 students from Apulia moved to London on April 9 for a 5-week period.

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