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1st phase of TAP’s "Thriving Land" Programme Completed | Next step is training in the fields

16 July 2018

Overall, 373 beneficiaries –mainly farmers and stock-breeders– attended various specialised courses between January and June 2018. In total, the scientists of the American Farm School delivered close to 1,000 hours of education and training across Northern Greece.

TAP Excavations Unearth New Archaeological Sites & Significant Findings in Greece

9 July 2018

Archaeological remnants of human activity in Central Macedonia from the Prehistoric to the Byzantine period have been brought to light in archaeological excavations, carried out in the context of construction works for TAP. The work has been undertaken by archaeologists, who are employed in the area by the TAP project and monitored by the local Ephorates of Antiquities (of Thessaloniki, Kilkis and Serres), as well as the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

TAP and Spiecapag Donate Equipment to Çorovoda Hospital

20 June 2018

On 13 June, Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) together with its contractor Spiecapag donated medical equipment to the emergency response team of the Hospital of Çorovoda, Albania. Thanks to this contribution, the medical team can offer better services to Skrapari residents.

TAP Funds 33 Playgrounds in Greece | Continuing its WORKS OF INSPIRATION Project

12 June 2018

The TAP and its contractor embark on the construction or reconstruction of a series of playgrounds in Northern Greece, starting off with 33 playgrounds in the Municipalities of Komotini (Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace), and Chalkidona (Region of Central Macedonia). The first batch of playgrounds are expected to be delivered by the end of the summer to the two Municipalities, whose combined population exceeds 100,000 residents.

TAP Marks the Installation of the Turbo Compressors in Albania

11 June 2018

On 8 June, TAP marked the successful installation of all three turbo compressors at its compressor station in Fier, Albania. The turbo compressors are effectively the “beating heart” of the compressor station and will play a key role in ensuring gas transportation through the pipeline system. The construction progress of the Fier compressor station is over 30% complete and more than 210 people work there, 70% of whom are locally employed.

Reforestation in Northern Greece with 400.000 trees & shrubs | Full replacement and reinstatement of the forest area used

29 May 2018

ΤΑΡ AG will plant ca. 400,000 trees and shrubs, in the context of its reforestation initiative already taking place across the three Northern Greek regions crossed by the pipeline. This includes poplar (ca. 18,700 items); black, Scots and Calabrian pine (210,000, 13,400 and 56,000 items, respectively); cypress (18,000), as well as approximately 75,000 broad-leaved and 7,400 oleander shrubs.

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River Crossings Albania, June 2018

River Crossings Albania, June 2018

Pipelines & Environment coexist in harmony in Spain & Italy

Pipelines & Environment coexist in harmony in Spain & Italy

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TAP Completed 19 River Crossings in Albania, Minimising Impact on Ecosystems

27 June 2018

The pipeline crossed under river beds at depths of up to 15 m, thus avoiding impact on the valleys’ fauna and flora.

TAP Cheers for REAL Galatone | The "Special Squad" Project Kicks off

25 June 2018

TAP donated equipment and a minibus, thanks to which 20 boys aged between 10 and 14 will be able to reach the football pitch and train.

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