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View from the Outside: “Your contribution brings prosperity & hope”

28 May 2019

So far, TAP has renovated and inaugurated several schools in Albania, as part of its social and environmental investment (SEI) programme. We sat down with Hajder Lilo, the principal of the Fuat Babani school in Devoll Municipality, to understand the impact of TAP renovating this high-school on the local community.

Why do you think TAP’s SEI programme is key for the community?

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for renovating the Fuat Babani high school. Thanks to TAP SEI, teachers and students now have better conditions, while parents feel safer when sending their children to school. Any learning institution should offer comparable conditions with the family environment.


What are the greatest benefits of reconstructing the Fuat Babani school in your opinion?

Many believe that your contribution brings prosperity and hope. In our community TAP has a very good reputation and this investment reinforces this view.



Would you like to see more businesses taking an active role in the communities in which they operate? What advice would you give to these businesses?

If every business undertook this kind of investment, our community would have impactful improvements in infrastructure*.

*N.B. To allow the safe passage of steel pipes through Albania, approximately 180 km of access roads will have been newly built or upgraded by the time the pipeline is completed. 


How did you find collaborating with TAP on this project? 

We had a very strong collaboration with TAP and especially with their SEI team. I appreciated their integrity, high discipline and the fact that they were true to their word.


What changes did you notice once this project has been implemented?

Following TAP’s investment, changes are very visible. Better conditions bring better results. The last academic year was the first one after the renovation and our results were very good.

In last year’s exams, our school was ranked 36th out of 384 Albanian public high schools.