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A View from the Outside: Our Brand-New School Could Bring Better Results

30 September 2019

September 2019 marked the inauguration of the 9th school TAP renovated in Albania, as part of its social and environmental investment (SEI) programme. We sat down with Lindita Penxho, the principal of the “Xhemal Çekini” school in Uznova Municipality, to understand the impact of this investment on students, teachers and the local community.


How did you come across TAP’s social and environmental investment (SEI) programme?

I first heard about it on TV. TAP’s works were tangible, comprising investments in schools and infrastructure in several local communities.

We were fortunate to be one of the schools which benefited from these investments.


Why do you think TAP’s SEI programme is key for the community?

The programme has a positive impact on economic, cultural, social, educational, and -of course- environmental development. Your various projects facilitate and enhance the social and economic livelihood of residents along the pipeline route.


In your opinion, what are the greatest benefits of TAP building a brand-new school in Uznova?

The benefits from this investment are manifold:

  • Our students can now study in a modern facility, built in line with European standards.
  • The improved school conditions make students feel comfortable during their time in the classroom.
  • The sports facilities allow for the proper set-up during sports classes.
  • The new library provides a dedicated space where students can read.
  • The overall hygiene standards have considerably improved.

All things considered, I hope that our brand-new school will lead our students and teaching staff to achieving better results.


Would you like to see more businesses taking an active role in the communities in which they operate? What advice would you give to these businesses?

I would love to see more investments in schools, as education is our future.


What changes did you notice once this project has been implemented?

A fundamental change is in the attitude of students and teachers. I feel they all have become even more empowered.


Did you notice any other changes in society at large?

Maybe it is too early to answer this question. However, the parents, the students as well as other people in our community now believe that the area surrounding the school and the school itself are cleaner and safer.


Which other projects are you striving to implement following this one?

We are trying to identify an investor to cover the costs of upgrading the sports grounds and completing the IT, chemistry and biology labs, in order to provide modern equipment during the teaching process. I hope we will be successful.


Can you share an anecdote related to the school renovation project?

While the school construction was underway, we did not allow the teachers to come in and see it, even though they were very eager to have a sneak peek.

I still can’t decide whose smiles were wider during the inauguration: the children’s or the teachers’…