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View from the Outside: "Thanks to TAP, our path is safer for visitors"

18 February 2020

In Greece, TAP has invested in various activities bearing a lasting social, environmental and educational impact on our host communities. We spoke with Mr. Nikolaos Gazetis, President of the Palaia Kavala Cultural Association, to learn how TAP’s initiatives in the area helped the Association and benefitted the local community.   


Describe the organisation you’re representing and your role in it. What are your biggest challenges?

I’m the President of the Palaia Kavala Cultural Association that was founded in 2001. The aim of the Association is to study and promote the culture of our area, to keep traditions and history alive, to maintain and feature our customs and practices. In addition, we are involved in the landscaping of our traditional mountainous settlement to preserve and improve its look, while also focusing on children’s cultural education and recreation. The idea was initially put forward by a group of young people, but it was soon embraced by all residents of our village. Today, the Association has 120 members.  

Our biggest challenge is to constantly improve the quality and effectiveness of our work via purposeful actions and events, such as the opening and maintenance of our environmental path.


What changes have you noticed in your community after the implementation of this initiative, in the context of TAP’s SEI programme

We know how important safety and the environment are for TAP, so we requested support for the restoration of part of the wooden railing along the Palaia Kavala environmental path, in order to render it safe for hikers and visitors. The goal was achieved, as we’re being told; people visiting the path are giving us very positive feedback via social media and in person.

We invite everyone to visit and see up close the Palaia Kavala environmental path. It’s a beautiful mountainous route of about 3km along a stream, where hikers can discover hidden beauties of nature, enjoy the natural shade of the centuries-old plane trees, taste the crystal-clear spring water, and admire the unique waterfall.  


What’s your opinion on TAP’s SEI programme?

It’s an investment programme that assists in improving the quality of life for communities close to TAP. And it’s a very meaningful project that TAP and its people are offering to local communities.   


How would you describe your collaboration with TAP?

Our collaboration with ΤΑΡ was excellent through and through. The people of the pipeline promptly responded to our request and implemented the initiative we proposed.


What will you remember most from this collaboration?

From this experience we will remember the prompt and effective intervention of TAP’s people for the implementation of the project.