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Better View and Safer Access for Tourists to the Osumi Canyon

05 June 2017


Tirana, Albania. On 1 June, the Albanian American Development Foundation (AADF) and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) inaugurated two viewing platforms over the Osumi canyon. The Çorovoda ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Skrapari, Nesim Spahiu, AADF co-CEO, Martin Mata, TAP Albania Country Manager, Shkëlqim Bozgo as well as representatives of several organisations, businesses and local communities. 


The investment in the two panoramic balconies is approximately 132.000 €, amount shared between AADF and TAP. The two panoramic structures will allow tourists visiting the Skrapar area to have a bird’s-eye view over the canyon, and above all, safe access. It is expected that the two panoramic structures - named “Flag's Panoramic Loop” and “Bride's Hole” - will be visited by over 15,000 tourists every year.

Construction works started in October 2016 and approximately 100 people were employed in the process.

In his speech at the inauguration ceremony, Skrapari’s Mayor, Nesim Spahiu, thanked AADF and TAP for their commitment to developing and promoting tourism in this area. “The Skrapari region has many opportunities to develop tourism, and I am happy that one such opportunity has materialised. I am grateful to TAP and AADF for their special attention to Çorovoda and their assistance in improving our touristic infrastructure.”

Martin Mata, AADF co-CEO, said: “This is a region that has made history and has breath-taking nature, so these panoramic structures will boost tourism possibilities. This is not a small contribution, AADF and TAP have invested approximately 132,000 euro. I would like to thank all those who made possible the construction of these two panoramic structures that make Osumi Canyon more accessible to visitors.”

TAP Albania Country Manager said: “We are very pleased that tourists will be able to see – 180 degrees and in the safest way possible – one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. Tourists no longer have to go near the edge of the cliff to look at the canyon. Safety is at the heart of our project and the panoramic platforms constructed in partnership with the Albanian American Development Foundation go hand-in-hand with supporting safety standards in Albania.”

With the construction of the two panoramic structures, the town of Çorovoda and the surrounding Skrapari area envisage to attract even more tourists throughout the year, further supporting local communities.

PRG*BR Architecture designed the two platforms while Salillari LTD oversaw construction works, both Albanian companies.