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TAP Builds the Third Kindergarten in Albania

28 October 2019


Skrapar, Albania. On 22 October 2019, Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and Skrapar Municipality inaugurated a newly built kindergarten in Çorovoda to the benefit of approximately 60 children. The investment of EUR 498,000 is part of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment programme and is yet another example of TAP’s contribution to the communities through which the pipeline passes.


Enerida Hoxha, the kindergarten director, accompanied Adriatik Mema, the Mayor of Skrapar Municipality and Malfor Nuri, TAP Albania Country Office Manager, around the newly-built kindergarten. All were very impressed with the premises, which will be available to the children of Çorovoda.

Following the visit, Adriatik Mema, the Mayor of Skrapar Municipality, said: “I would like to thank TAP for this investment, which is such a precious gift to Çorovoda’s little ones. I wish every child who will be cared for in this kindergarten, all the best and I am so pleased that they will be lucky enough to have a new facility like this to spend their time and benefit from the numerous new amenities. We will make all efforts possible to carry out other similar works in the educational area, as our children are the future of this country”.

Malfor Nuri, TAP’s Albania Country Office Manager, stated: “I cannot help but express my joy watching Çorovoda children playing in the new kindergarten playground. I am so glad we have enabled such modern conditions to the little ones in this kindergarten. The improvement of the quality of life for all communities affected by the pipeline has been at the center of TAP’s objectives under its Social and Environmental Investment programme. This kindergarten is an example of the positive impact TAP is having on local communities”.

The kindergarten was rebuilt anew as the original building was in a poor condition. Today, Çorovoda’s children have a brand-new kindergarten with a central heating system, new furniture and a well-equipped kitchen for staff to prepare meals for the children. The two-level building has four classrooms, each designed for different age groups. In addition to kindergarten children, the building also accommodates two nursery groups for younger ones.

The layout of the kindergarten yard has been redesigned and playground equipment has been installed.

The project implementation was managed by Abkons, TAP’s contractor for Social and Environmental Investments, while Desaret shpk was the company responsible for the construction and outdoor arrangements. Works for the construction of the new kindergarten lasted approximately 6 months and around 70 individuals were employed.

So far, TAP has invested more than EUR 3 million for the rehabilitation of 12 schools, kindergartens and nurseries in Albania. From such investments will benefit over 5,000 children.

TAP reiterates its commitment to improving the quality of life for all communities along the pipeline route in Albania in cooperation with the central and local governments