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5 TAP donations to institutions in Northern Greece completed in collaboration with the Social Solidarity and Relief Network

27 July 2016


Greece. The implementation of the first support programmes for vulnerable social groups stemming from the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the Social Solidarity and Relief Network (Solidarity Net) on May 2016, is proceeding rapidly. Five (5) donations in kind, €46.745 in total value, have already been granted to social organisations in Northern Greece, in the context of TAP’s CSR programme to improve local communities’ quality of life.   


In less than three months after the signing of the MoU, TAP has covered in kind the needs of five NGOs identified and assessed by Solidarity Net. More specifically:

  • To the "Child’s Refuge" in Thessaloniki, aiming to cover basic needs of children of all ages, a professional washing machine was donated to cover the needs of 400 children.
  • Το the "Agia Marina" institution in Perigiali, Kavala that operates as an educational-formative unit, as well as an accommodation centre for people with mental or physical disabilities, the damp proofing was funded.     
  • To the "SOS Children’s Village Thrace" in Aristino, Alexandroupoli that accommodates 50 children deprived of their families, while also operating as a day centre for children with disabilities and a counselling centre for families and children facing financial difficulties, household goods, computers and air-conditioning units were donated. 
  • To the Voluntary Disaster Response Department at the Olympic Flame Park in Kastoria, aiming to provide voluntary services in cases of emergency and disaster, specialised gear was donated that will significantly upgrade the quality of their services.      
  • To the Organisation for the Protection of People with Autism in Kastoria, specialised equipment was donated to cover their needs in occupational and physical therapy. 

TAP proceeds with the implementation of its voluntary commitment to invest millions of euro during the next four years in CSR programmes focusing on environment, education and training, socioeconomic development and the quality of life of local communities, mainly in the areas traversed by the pipeline within the Prefectures of Western Macedonia, Central Macedonia, and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace.