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TAP Responds to Wildfire Emergency in Albania

11 August 2017

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) has responded to the Albanian authorities' call for overcoming the wildfires in the country.


TAP is following closely the fires that have engulfed hundreds of forest and pasture hectares in the entire country. To this end, meetings have been organised to learn the needs of the Albanian institutions in overcoming this emergency. 

TAP will donate 600 backpack fire extinguishers with a capacity of 25 liters, to be immediately dispatched for use in the field. Additionally, TAP will provide 100 fire-retardant uniforms to firefighters involved in rescue operations.

In a second phase, TAP will also support the purchase of all terrain fire engines and ambulances which will enable access to difficult areas. These vehicles will help to control the fires and provide medical assistance to individuals near the fires.

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline has in the past provided aid for overcoming emergency situations in Albania. During the harsh winter of 2016-2017, which locked down many villages, TAP assisted more than 1,300 households by providing food packages and blankets.