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TAP Provides Aid to Fier Farmers Impacted by Floods

19 December 2017

Fier, Albania. On 14 and 15 December, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) provided 200 tonnes of animal feed to farmers in the Municipality of Fier which had been impacted by November floods.


The downpour caused damage to the livestock feed reserves, rendering animal feeding very difficult. Therefore, TAP provided animal feed for more than 10 villages. The feed is due to be delivered to more than 1,500 households and will be sufficient for more than 10,000 sheep and over 1,500 cattle for a 20-day period.

The Dermenas Unit is one of the Municipalities in Fier worst impacted by the floods. During the feed unloading, the Dermenas Administrative Unit Administrator, Dilaver Shyti, said: “Feeding cattle and other livestock after the flood became impossible, turning into another emergency. The farmers had great difficulty in ensuring feed for their livestock, because all reserves were damaged by the flood. We would like to thank TAP for being close to us in this emergency and for supporting us in overcoming it.”

The livestock feed was donated to the Municipality of Fieri, which was supported by the Albanian Armed Forces for the feed transport and distribution.

TAP has so far supported several communities facing emergency situations. In January 2017, TAP assisted some 1,300 households with food packages to overcome the harsh winter conditions and, in August 2017, TAP donated uniforms and fire extinguishers for the Civil Emergency Services