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Second Edition of MENA Selects its Winners

30 May 2018

The second edition of MENA (Master of Excellence in New Food) ended with a one-day cooking competition. Three teams battled for preparing different menus. They put in practice all the good practices learnt during the 17-lesson master course, such as the new techniques for food conservation and cooking, and economic management of their enterprise.

The competition was a good opportunity to evaluate participants’ progress. It was an occasion for sharing, collaborating and teamwork.

The footage of the “grand finale” shows the participants’ great enthusiasm and commitment to MENA, a project organised by TAP in collaboration with R.P. Consulting.

At the end of the master class, a jury chose two winners: one at the restaurateurs’ category, and another as the most professional cook. Carmine, the manager of an inn located in the Leuca area, received a 5,000 € prize. It comprises a voucher to purchase equipment, furniture or cooking instruments. Carmine can also use the voucher for a tailored marketing consultancy, or creating a new menu and wine list for its inn.

Stefano, the winner of the professional cook prize, will do on-the-job training, spending a month in the kitchen of one of the first-class Apulian restaurants. He will work alongside Italian and international gourmet starred chefs.

“I recommend this experience because it was a great learning opportunity and an experience which broadened my horizons,” Carmine commented at the end of the master course.

“MENA is the starting point to promote our territory. In addition to the beautiful Apulian landscape, we can also offer tourists our excellent, traditional and high-quality cuisine,” Stefano added.