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View from the Outside: "Our Paediatric Clinic is now more pleasant for young patients"

30 August 2019

In Greece, TAP has invested in various activities bearing a strong social and environmental impact on our host communities. We spoke with Dr. Eleni Karanikolaou, Director of the Paediatric Clinic of the General Hospital "Sismanogleio" in Komotini, who reflected on TAP’s initiative to refurbish and upgrade the Clinic with new equipment. 


What’s your opinion on TAP’s SEI programme?

It’s a social investment programme that contributes to improving the quality of life and welfare of local communities.


What do you think are the greatest benefits from the implementation of TAP and its investments in local communities?

The implementation of TAP and its investments offers direct employment and jobs to locals. In addition, it provides the country with future access to natural gas. 


What changes have you noticed in the Hospital after the refurbishment of the Paediatric Clinic?

Since the implementation of the initiative to refurbish and upgrade the Paediatric Clinic, it has been transformed into the most special place in the entire hospital. The environment is friendlier and more pleasant for our young patients and their parents, as well as the staff – both medical and nursing. In fact, a dream of many years came true with the establishment of the children’s library, aiming to minimise screen time for children.


How would you describe your collaboration with TAP?

Our collaboration with TAP has been excellent and constructive.


What will you remember most from this experience?

From this experience we will remember the friendliness and smooth cooperation we had with TAP’s people, as well as their immediate understanding of the issues and needs of the "Sismanogleio" Paediatric Clinic. And for that, we extend our warm thanks to them.