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TAP’s Grievance Mechanism

If you think that TAP has treated you unfairly, please inform us so that we can immediately address the issue.

What is a ‘grievance’?

A grievance is typically a complaint about something that you believe to be wrong or unfair. By submitting a grievance, you can express your concern or dissatisfaction if you believe that TAP has treated you (or anyone else) unfairly or unjustly.

What is the ‘grievance mechanism’?

TAP is committed to open dialogue and building trustful and lasting relationships with the communities living along the future pipeline route and construction areas.

With this goal in mind, TAP has established a so-called “Grievance Mechanism” - an efficient and quick process to receive complaints or expressions of concern from people potentially impacted by its construction activities.  The Grievance Mechanism allows TAP to respond to all complaints and concerns. TAP will address all grievances in a fair, open and transparent manner. However, in the event that a complainant does not feel that the TAP Grievance Mechanism has satisfactorily addressed the complaint or concern, the complainant can approach an independent 3rd party mechanism, including the relevant courts.

How does this process work?

Anyone who has been impacted by TAP’s construction activities, can submit a grievance to TAP. The following process will be generally followed:

  • TAP will confirm its receipt in writing within seven (7) calendar days, and we will respond to it within 30-60 calendar days, depending on the complexity of the case;
  • TAP will thoroughly investigate all genuine grievance cases. Cases which are deemed to have been addressed before or grievances which are not related to TAP, will not be investigated;
  • TAP aims to find mutually acceptable solutions whenever possible and will aim to discuss the resolution with the complainant;
  • TAP will propose appropriate solutions based on facts and evidence;
  • If you are not satisfied with TAP’s response or the proposed solution, you can approach an independent appeal mechanism for arbitration;
  • TAP will keep all details of your grievance strictly confidential unless the investigation process requires this information to be made known to additional parties within TAP;
  • Once a year, starting 2017, TAP will publish a summary report of grievances on its website to inform the public about major areas of concern. However, we will not mention the names of any individuals or share any personal details.

How to submit your grievance

Please find the easiest way for you to submit a grievance from the options described below.

TAP website: download the Grievance Form, complete it and then upload it in the section below. 

Email: download the Grievance Form, complete and send to the relevant TAP Grievance email address (see below for country specific email addresses).

Post: download Grievance Form, print, complete, and send to the relevant TAP office in your country by post.

Telephone: call the relevant TAP Grievance Coordinator in your country and provide information about your grievance or leave a message on the answering machine. Please make sure to give us all your contact details (full name, contact number, grievance), so that we can get back to you.

SMS: send an SMS message to the relevant TAP Grievance Coordinator in your country, and provide information about your grievance. Please make sure to give us all your contact details (full name, contact number, grievance) so that we can get back to you.

Do you need to update your grievance?

In case you would like to provide additional information, you can easily update your grievance by using the section below.


Local contacts


Postal address: 5, Agiou Georgiou Street, 
P.O. Box 8006 - P.C. 57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki 
Attn: Grievance Advisor
Telephone: +30 213 010 4500
Fax: +30 213 010 4533


Postal address: Via Templari 11, 73100 Lecce, Italy
Attn: Grievance Advisor
Telephone: +39 345 4009 029 (Hotline)     
+39 0832 24971
SMS: +39 345 4009 029
Fax: +39 0832 2497 44


Postal address: Building No.12 (ABA Business Centre), 9th Floor,  Office No.906, Papa Gjon Pali II street 1010 Tirana, Albania
Attn: Grievance Advisor
Telephone: +355 69 609 8188 (Hotline)  +355 44 30 69 37
SMS: +355 69 60 98 188
Fax: + 355 42 265 685