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TAP Funds Forest Management Studies in Nestorio

12 June 2017

Greece. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP AG) will fund five Forest Management Studies in the Municipality of Nestorio, one of the pipeline’s host communities. With this long-term socio-environmental investment, TAP responds to the respective proposal submitted by the Municipality of Nestorio – an initiative of critical importance for the wider area’s 3,000 residents and for the sustainability of the local environment. 

This action falls under the €32 million socio-environmental investments (SEI) programme that TAP has voluntarily committed to implementing in all three of the Northern Greek Prefectures (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia) it traverses. And it is being implemented in the context of two core pillars of TAP’s SEI strategy: enhancing the livelihoods of communities located along the pipeline, and improving environmental management.

At the same time, the Forest Management Studies in Nestorio also promote regional development. It is a mountainous municipality at the foot of Mt. Grammos in Western Macedonia, where forestry is a primary sector providing employment and means of livelihood for the local population, active in about 20 Forest Cooperatives.

Unable to draft new forest management studies after the previous ones had expired, the Municipality of Nestorio appealed to TAP that assessed the request, acknowledged its significance, and approved its funding. In that respect, TAP ensured that local communities were given the opportunity to enhance their livelihoods via sustainable logging and other forestry practices for the following 10 years at least – i.e. during the validity period of the new studies. 

The Mayor of Nestorio, Mr. Paschalis Getsios, stressed the necessity and importance of this particular project, thanking everyone that contributed to its successful conclusion. He also noted that thanks to the new Forest Management Studies loggers, carriers and lorry drivers from the area will be employed, while municipal revenue will also increase. 

TAP’s Country Manager for Greece, Mr. Rikard Scoufias, expressed his joy and satisfaction that TAP contributed to the implementation of a project so important for local societies. "With such activities, the TAP pipeline cultivates good neighbourly relations with its host communities in Northern Greece" – he added.