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Promoting Road Safety to 1,000 Students

09 April 2018

Tirana, Albania. In March, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), in cooperation with the Traffic Police and the Regional Education Directorates, organised another awareness campaign on road safety. “Life is worth more than just a moment” was the slogan of the initiative, which reached more than 1,000 students via movie screenings.


TAP, the Regional Education Directorates, teaching staff, and Traffic Police representatives met with students from several high schools in Fieri, Çorovoda, and Poliçani. They invited the students to pay attention to and follow road rules. The “Young Europe” movie, produced by PAMECA, was screened during these meetings with students.

Diana Sinojmeri, TAP Stakeholder Manager in Albania, said: “For TAP, safety comes first, and we strive to communicate the importance of this message as broadly as possible to as many communities and age groups as possible. We have visited several schools and many young people are sensitive to the road accident situation and have expressed their will to improve the road safety culture in the country.”

The “Young Europe” movie was shown to students in seven schools, either within the school premises or at movie theatres. The movie addresses road safety from the perspective of youth across various European countries. Written and directed by Matteo Vicino, the movie presents the risks of irresponsible behaviour while driving, such as texting, the use of alcohol, exhaustion at the wheel, etc.

“Life is worth more than one moment” is not the first TAP campaign dedicated to road safety. In 2017, TAP organised a series of activities with elementary schools along the pipeline route, providing information and training on road safety to more than 7,000 students. In November 2017, TAP and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, and State Police organised the road safety awareness week. In addition, starting from the summer of 2017, TAP is implementing a radio awareness campaign reminding drivers to be careful while behind the wheel.