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Road Safety Awareness Campaign in Albania

03 August 2017

Tirana, Albania. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) kicked off a radio awareness campaign, calling on drivers to be more careful while behind the wheel. The high number of road accidents compared to the population of Albania remains a concern, especially during the summer. 


According to statistics from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, every month approximately 168 road accidents take place, in which more than 22 persons lose their lives. Considering that approximately 565,000 vehicles use Albanian roads, the number of accidents, and especially those with fatal consequences, is very high. Therefore, at the end of June, TAP launched an awareness radio campaign, urging drivers to be more attentive while behind the wheel.

Two radio announcements reminding drivers to stay vigilant and respect traffic rules and regulations are broadcasted mainly during the days and times with the highest numbers of fatal accidents. In addition, TAP has engaged radio speakers to reinforce the importance of safe driving and discuss ways to improve Albania’s road safety record. The cooperation with radio stations helps raise awareness for both drivers and travelers in general. 

The awareness campaign will continue throughout the summer. The national radio stations participating are: Radio Tirana, Top Albania Radio and Club FM. The local radio stations joining the campaign are: Radio Globi of Berat; Radio Korça and Radio City FM of Korça; Radio Fieri and Radio Star of Fier.