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Pipeline construction in Albania

TAP’s route through Albania is approximately 215 kilometres onshore and 37 km offshore in the Albanian section of the Adriatic Sea. The onshore section starts in the municipality of Devolli, in the Korça region, at the Albanian border with Greece, and arrives at the Adriatic coast 17 km north-west of Fier, 400 metres inland from the shoreline.

In the first phase, a compressor station and a metering station will be built near Fier, and near Bilisht, respectively. In a second phase, should the pipeline capacity be expanded to 20 billion cubic metres (bcm), the metering station near Bilisht will be turned into an additional compressor station. Eight block valve stations and one landfall station will be built along the pipeline’s route in Albania.

Work at each construction ‘spread’ is typically estimated to last for approximately three to six months. As elsewhere on TAP’s route, the pipeline will be buried underground.

To allow the safe passage of steel pipes through Albania, approximately 220 km of access road have been newly built or upgraded. These works were conducted in two phases. 

At the end of 2016, TAP completed the first phase of road infrastructure rehabilitation in Albania, comprising the upgrade of approximately 58km of access roads, construction of two new bridges and refurbishment of 40 bridges.

Works are now completed for the second phase of building and refurbishing over 140 km of access roads and replacement or refurbishment of 25 bridges.

Please note that all figures mentioned in the text are estimates and can change as the project develops.