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For communities

In line with our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, TAP is implementing a thorough Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme. We aim to contribute to improving the livelihoods and quality of life of local communities along the project route.

In total, over € 55 million will be invested in communities across Greece, Albania and Italy.

These SEI programmes are developed in line with TAP’s funding principles to promote sustainable development and in full consultation and cooperation with communities along the pipeline route.


The overall objectives of TAP’s SEI programme are:

  • Strengthen livelihoods within local communities
  • Support improved community quality of life along the pipeline route
  • Enable improved skills and abilities through support for education and training initiatives
  • Enhance environmental management including through support for biodiversity.

A tailored approach

Each of TAP’s host countries have different development priorities and social risks. The SEI themes are therefore deliberately high-level, in order to allow for each country to work within them whilst also responding to their country context.

In Greece, priority areas include social needs, infrastructure and capacity building. In Albania, community infrastructure, agricultural livelihoods, education and training, and community safety and medical support. In Italy, the focus has been on livelihoods, particularly tourism, agriculture and fisheries sectors, environmental management, and community services and infrastructure.

TAP’s SEI programme is based on principles of inclusiveness, participation, capacity strengthening, leveraging local assets, and sustainability. Project funding ranges from small scale grants, through local community initiatives, to regional development partnerships.

Provided budget for the intervention is available, TAP will fund activities that align with the TAP SEI Strategy goal and objectives, as well as TAP’s role as “enabler of sustainable and inclusive local development”. 

TAP will not fund any activities that conflict with TAP’s regulatory, licensing or any other statutory commitment.  TAP will not fund any initiatives in conflict with TAP’s economic interest or reputation either. There is a prohibition on cash payments. 

In addition, TAP will not provide SEI funding for:  

  • Political donations; 
  • Individual requests not in line with the SEI strategy (e.g. academic studies, medical treatment, accommodation, etc); 
  • Commercial requests – including funding for private or public companies; 
  • Organisational memberships; 
  • TAP-branded teams (i.e., sports); 
  • General fundraising appeals; 
  • Religious activities; 
  • Indirect fundraising activities e.g. charity golf days, dinners, magazine advertising etc.; 
  • Conferences; and 
  • Activities that require ongoing operating funds or that create financial dependency on TAP. 

TAP will only consider funding for initiatives aimed at benefiting communities directly affected by TAP’s construction and operations.

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