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Interested in working as subcontractor?

Registration to database for companies interested in becoming subcontractors

TAP will stimulate the creation of new jobs, both directly through TAP’s construction and indirectly through economic ‘spillover’ effects during the lifetime of the pipeline.

TAP’s selected Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors are responsible for hiring sub-contractors to implement specific parts of the contract assignments. EPC contractors are also responsible for the recruitment of personnel and for the evaluation of suppliers according to the needs of the construction.

TAP is committed to facilitating employment and business opportunities in the areas crossed by the pipeline. Up until now, TAP has organised several events to facilitate collaboration between TAP’s EPC contractors and potential sub-contractors in Greece, Albania and Italy.

TAP used a registration process for companies interested in participating in TAP’s supply chain by delivering services, supplies or works as sub-contractors. This information was subsequently shared with the EPC contractors.  TAP is no longer collecting information from companies interested in becoming sub-contractors.

Please note the following:

  • TAP will not be running a selection process for sub-contractors. No contracts will be directly awarded by TAP to any sub-contractor.
  • TAP’s EPC contractors will carry out their own selection processes and conduct their own due diligence with regards to sub-contractors. This is subject to oversight by TAP to ensure that the process is carried out in a consistent and transparent manner. 
  • It is the sole responsibility of any company interested in becoming a sub-contractor to market their services to TAP’s EPC contractors.