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The EU status

The European Union recognises the role of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in addressing the urgent energy policy objective of ensuring security and diversity of energy supply to Europe.

Once built, TAP will play a part in helping secure Europe’s energy future. One of the most important energy infrastructure projects, TAP will allow Caspian natural gas to flow into Europe’s energy markets.

In doing so, the pipeline will open up the Southern Gas Corridor, an EU concept at the heart of its energy strategy. This new route will add to the number of different sources from which Europe receives its natural gas, making its energy supplies safer and more flexible.

Project of Common Interest

The European Commission, Parliament and Council have given TAP Project of Common Interest (PCI) status under the new guidelines for Trans-European energy infrastructure (TEN-E).

TAP has been selected as a PCI in 2013, 2015 and 2017, for its role, amongst others, in opening up the Southern Gas Corridor, one of 12 so-called energy corridors identified by the EU as priorities for the achievement of European energy policy objectives.

PCI status is reserved for key infrastructure projects and is intended to accelerate the granting of necessary licences and permits and to improve regulatory processes. PCIs help EU Member States to integrate their energy markets, enable them to diversify their energy sources, and aim to bring an end to the energy isolation of some EU Member States.

Eligible projects must, among others:

  • Involve at least two EU Member States,
  • Contribute to market integration and the fostering of competition,
  • Enhance security and diversification of supply,
  • Contribute to sustainability.

The identification of TAP as a PCI for three times in a row formalises the highest political support of the EU for the project and its implementation.

Project of Energy Community Interest

In addition to its PCI status, in 2013, the Energy Community has named TAP as a Project of Energy Community Interest (PECI).

A task force chaired by the European Commission assessed one hundred different projects before finally selecting 35 PECIs, including TAP.

This designation is only given to projects which, in the words of the Energy Community Secretariat, "have the highest positive impact in the largest possible number of Contracting Parties".