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TAP Provides Funds to Renovate School in Fier

05 October 2017

Fier, Albania. On 5 October 2017, TAP was pleased to take part in the inauguration ceremony to celebrate the renovation of the “Thanas Ikonomi” school in the Grecalli village, Fier. TAP invested over €340,000, as part of its Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme in Albania. Works included completely renovating the building infrastructure, including all facilities and classrooms. 


The inauguration ceremony was attended by TAP executives and representatives of the Municipality of Fier and the Education Directorate of Fier. Students of the “Thanas Ikonomi” school performed traditional dances and songs and displayed photos of the school before TAP’s renovation works. 

Ulrike Andres, Commercial and External Affairs Director at TAP, said: “Seeing such enthusiasm, it is obvious that this TAP investment is very much welcomed by all students. We are very proud of the reconstruction of this school and the works’ high standards, which can serve as an example for other schools in Albania.”  

TAP Country Manager for Albania Shkelqim Bozgo noted: “I am very happy that students can learn in the best possible environment. This will allow them to better prepare for their future and, in addition, contribute to the future of the Grecalli community. Improving the livelihood of communities crossed by our pipeline is the goal of TAP’s social and environmental investments in Albania.” 

“Until recently, this building was nothing but a school in ruin, forgotten for years. Thanks to TAP’s immediate support, the school has been brought back to life. Today this school is ahead of schools in the city. The standards employed by TAP for the reconstruction will be turned into a manual for the reconstruction of other Albanian schools,” stated the Mayor of Fier Armando Subashi.

More than 210 students currently attending the school are now able to benefit from a school which is safer and provides much better study conditions.

As part of the reconstruction works, special attention was given to energy efficiency, by installing thermal insulation on the two-storey building. A fire safety system was also installed, making this one of the first schools in the country with such a system. The school is also equipped with emergency stairs.

This is the second school in the Municipality of Fier which TAP has refurbished. Earlier, in 2015, TAP renovated the sports facilities of the “Andon Profka” School in Seman, Fier.

Renovation works lasted four months and generated approximately 70 jobs. The renovation works were undertaken by the Albanian company Agbes and were supervised by TAP’s social project contractor, Abkons. 


      TAP Social and Environmental Investments in Albania



Social and Environmental Investments


  • Renovation of the “Andon Profka” school facilities in Seman, Fier (June 2015)
  • Reconstruction of the two-lane Çorovoda bridge (October 2016)
  • Humanitarian aid for communities impacted by floods and harsh weather (February 2017)
  • First phase of the awareness campaign on road, home, and work safety (2016)
  • First phase of internships for students (April 2017)
  • Construction of two panoramic structures on the Osumi Canyon in Çorovoda (June 2017)
  • Complete reconstruction of the “Thanas Ikonomi” school in Grecalli village, Fieri (June 2017)
  • Donations of firefighting uniforms and equipment (August 2017)


Social and Environmental Investments


  • Complete renovation of the “Fuad Babani” school in Bilisht
  • Second phase of the awareness campaign on road, home, and work safety
  • Second phase internships for students
  • Renovation of the “7 Dëshmorët” school in Struma, Roskovec
  • Rehabilitation of water supply system in Mbrostar, Fier
  • Reconstruction of the Gjon Mili Museum, Korce.