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47 Utility Vehicles Already Delivered to Local Communities

19 April 2018

Greece. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG continues to implement its programme DESTINATION, SAFETY | Donation of Utility Vehicles in the Northern Greek areas along the pipeline route. The most recent deliveries include 10 more ambulances, as well as the last of the 15 snowploughs, thus bringing the number of vehicles currently at the disposal of local communities to 47; and the implementation percentage of the programme to 50%+.   


The total investment exceeds €10 million, meaning that it’s one of the largest projects carried out by TAP for local communities in Greece. DESTINATION, SAFETY pertains to ca. 90 public utility vehicles, equipped with state-of-the art systems: ambulances with specialised medical-technological equipment, garbage trucks and road-sweepers, forestry vehicles, firetrucks, snowploughs, and civil protection vehicles.

Overall, 32 ambulances have been delivered by April 2018: 2 to the Kilkis Hospital and 30 to the National Emergency Aid Centre (EKAV), which allocated them to its Macedonia and Thrace branches in Alexandroupolis, Kavala, Thessaloniki and Kozani. There is only one ambulance delivery pending, which involves specific requirements and configurations for the transport of overweight patients.

With regard to the 15 snowploughs, these are all-wheel-drive multi-purpose vehicles. Apart from snowploughs and salt spreaders, necessary for clearing snow and ice in the northern areas of the country, they also combine the properties of lawn mowing, branch cutting and pruning. These have been delivered to the regional authorities of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace and Western Macedonia, as well as to some individual Municipalities.

The DESTINATION, SAFETY project is implemented in the context of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investments (SEI) programme, focusing on the safety and protection of local citizens, the enhancement of their quality of life, and environmental management. It involves the donation of utility vehicles addressing actual needs within local communities.

The next and final phase of this programme launched in June 2017, includes the delivery of 17 garbage trucks and road-sweepers, 20 civil protection/ forestry vehicles and 4 firetrucks.