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Forest Management Studies underway in Nestorio, greatly supporting local employment

22 November 2017

A few months after the official announcement of the project in June 2017, the Forest Management Studies in the Nestorio Municipality are well underway. Information relating to the development of the Forest Studies was relayed to the Presidents of seven local Forest Cooperatives, in a meeting held at the Municipality in mid-November. 


TAP’s Community Liaison Officer in Western Macedonia, Michalis Gkosliopoulos, delivered the presentation, while the Vice Mayor and a representative from the Forestry Services was also present. 

Attendees expressed their excitement for the implementation of a project so crucial for their local community, as these studies will enhance employment and livelihoods in the area, as well as ensure the environmentally appropriate and financially viable management of the neighbouring forests.

Furthermore, the initiative also promotes regional development in this mountainous part of Western Macedonia with its 3,000 residents, where forestry and logging are a key sector of employment. By funding these Forest Management Studies, consequently, TAP enables the ca. 20 local Forest Cooperatives, each consisting of 10-12 people, to continue with their operation in an environmentally sustainable manner for at least the following 10 years – within defined management models and by applying best forestry practices.

In addition to loggers, the new Forest Management Studies will also offer employment to carriers and lorry drivers from the area and increase municipal revenue.