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TAP donates 2,500 garbage bins to 3 Municipalities in Greece

07 June 2018

Central Macedonia Region, Greece. Further to its environmental activities and collaboration with the Municipalities of the areas it crosses, Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG donates ca. 2,500 garbage bins to the Municipalities of Irakleia, Langadas and Oraiokastro in the Central Macedonia Region.


TAP’s donation regards the purchase and delivery of 400 large metallic bins to the Irakleia Municipality of the Serres Regional Unit, while the Municipalities of Langadas and Oraiokastro of the Thessaloniki Regional Unit will receive 1,126 and 950 plastic bins – respectively. 

The initiative addresses a relevant request submitted by the Municipalities, which TAP assessed and approved as it corresponds with the strategic pillars of its corporate social responsibility policy. More specifically, the donation is anticipated to support waste management efforts in these three areas, thus also improving quality of life and environmental management. The action is part of the Social and Environmental Investments (SEI) programme that TAP, as a "Pipeline of Good Energy," implements in the areas it traverses in Northern Greece, as per the actual needs of local communities. 

Upon receiving the acceptance letters of the donation request, the representatives of the three Municipalities thanked TAP for the initiative.

The Mayor of Irakleia, Kleanthis Kotsakiachidis, said: "These new bins will significantly contribute to solving our area’s waste-related issues. We want to thank TAP for keeping its promises."

On their part, the Mayor of Langadas, Yiannis Karayiannis, and Deputy Mayor of Sanitation, Stathis Georgiadis, noted the added value that this donation brings to the local society regarding environmental management. 

Lastly, representing the Municipality of Oraiokastro on behalf of the Mayor, Asterios Gavotsis, the Deputy Mayor of Sanitation, Ilias Ziakoulis, relayed the gratitude of the local community for TAP’s investments in people’s quality of life.   

TAP’s representative in the meetings with the Municipalities and Community Liaison Officer for Central Macedonia, Thanos Skrekas, kindly thanked the three Mayors, Messrs. Gavotsis, Karayiannis and Kotsakiachidis for their cooperation, and input to the planning and implementation of the donation, expected to be concluded within the next few months.   

In the context of its SEI programme Donation of Utility Vehicles | DESTINATION, SAFETY, TAP also donated a garbage-bin-washing vehicle to Irakleia, while Oraiokastro received one of the 15 multi-purpose snowploughs that TAP offered to Northern Greek communities.